Jai Es

It was Christmas morning, 1975.

I woke up, ran to the tree and tore into a gigantic gift wrapped box. 
Inside was a little red sparkle 4 pc. drum set,  one of those with the shiny little single cymbal mounted to the bass drum, you know exactly the kind of set I’m talking about.
I loved that little kit and I banged on it all the time, but of course being a kid from the projects of New York with an older sister that had some  “rough n tough” friends... let’s just say that kit didn’t last me too long. 

It wasn’t until five years later when I randomly came across three Modern Drummer Magazines. I looked and read through the magazines and became obsessed. I then asked my grandparents for drums for my 13th birthday. It was February 22nd, ten days after my 13th birthday when I walked into Sam Ash on Queens Blvd, and came out with a Remo Pad set, a bass pedal and a few pairs of sticks. 

Now, over thirty four years later I’m sitting here writing what will become the updated "About me" section for my newly revised website. 
 I’m supposed to write a whole lot of information that is supposed to show you who I am and what I can do. 

Honestly I find most bio’s to be a bit too long and they generally offer very little insight as to who the person really is.
Yes, I can sit here and say I’ve had the pleasure of studying with legendary clinician Dom Famularo at the Long Island Drum Center. 
I can also tell you I’ve studied with the insanely amazing Hank Jaramillo of The Drummers Collective, but what’s the point? 

I’ve known, jammed with, and exchanged knowledge with countless drummers and musicians throughout my life.
I’ve played more live gigs than I care to count.
I’ve worked with, recorded and played with dozens of musicians.  Again I ask, what does that really tell you about me? 

I'll tell you this,

I’ve had really good times in life,  and I’ve had really bad times in life, just like everyone else, you included.
Stress, fear, anger, poor health, bad relationships, worry, bad moods, bad days, all of it, I’ve had it tenfold. 

Thankfully I had the drums, along with boxing and marital arts to help distract me from areas of my life when needed.

It was these constant positive forces that taught me how to redirect my focus, and condition myself in a way that enables me to let things go, clear my head and concentrate. I learned to accept things like better nutrition, exercise, yoga, and living a healthy lifestyle.
These enabled me to Help treat my mind and body better, and live a better lifestyle.
One that not only makes me feel better, but one that makes me think and live a better life. 

So why am I’m sitting here typing this update? 

Because just over 4 years ago that was my promise… 

To change online drum lessons. to change the way drummer’s think and feel.
To change the way we approach our drumming and our DrumLlife.

I promised to show drummer’s how a better life, equates to better drumming, and how better drumming equates to a better life. 
Over the last 4 years through Drumeo and my own, I've done just that. I've worked with and have helped hundreds of drummer’s and I continue to do so.

This is all I have ever wanted to share with you.

We learn, share, and care. We connect.

Since early childhood this has been a constant dream of mine.
 The ability to talk and communicate with everyone on the planet, and growing up that’s all it was, a dream.
Now today, with the technology we have, the ways we can communicate. That dream is our reality.

We can get to know each other. We can share knowledge and ideas, and together we can create a better future for ourselves and those around us.
And I ask you,  what better way is there than through music and drumming. 



Cube Personal Drums ~ Germany

Drumeo Instructor, Private Drum Coach, Vic Firth Educator, Life Coach.