Once a year I open my home up and welcome drum students from all locations. If you're the individual looking for a new experience or you're a part of an adventurous group,  Drum - Week is an amazing experience for all. 

Drum Week is held somewhere between June and September each year.

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In Person:
I currently reside in New England, about 2 hours North of New York, or 2 hours South of Boston. If you live in, or are traveling within these areas and you would like an "In Person" live lesson with me, then please click below, fill out the form with your location or your travel plans.

I'm also willing to travel to your location. if thats the case, please include this in your message and I will contact you to further discuss our in person lesson

Physically Challenged:
I've worked with people who are challenged by the following: 
Deaf, Blind, Down Syndrome, Mental illnesses, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, PTSD, and Seniors Citizens.
I'm honored to work with anyone who has the desire to learn & connect.

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Private Lessons:

Private lessons with me are quite unique as I’m one of the only online instructors that focus on the “drummer” and not just the “drum set”.  In my honest opinion, showing you notation, then playing it at various tempos and sending you on your way, is not a drum lesson. This is why countless online drum students don’t progress they way they hope they would, and this is why I incorporate other aspects into your development.
Once a drummer knows how to properly read music, they really don't need someone playing it for them to understand it.  This makes no sense to me, as its time you can use for practice and your own development. Their way also  does not teach you the mechanics and motion utilized, nor does it coach you through the physical and mental demands of that particular exercise, beat or pattern.

This is my specialty, teaching drummers to play with more confidence and fluidity. Enabling them too understand where their focus and motivation come from, while guiding them to properly apply their minds and bodies to the drum kit.

I help drummer's overcome fear, intimidation and inhibition as I cover all aspects of drumming. But more importantly I coach a drummer to becoming a better drummer. I help drummer's get "unstuck" from that spot where they feel they cannot progress any further. I help drummer's realize, we’re all drummer's, and drumming is only another form of communication.
This is what I do,

I teach people how to connect and communicate properly and efficiently through the drums and their Drum Life

Live Online:
I offer online lessons via Skype.

My online lessons are booked in 30 min increments @ $20 per 30 min. To book a lesson, or check availability times. please click the button below and fill out the form. Please include the time and date you would like your lesson as well as the issue or areas you'd like to cover. 

If Live online lessons are not your thing, if you can't access Skype, or you just don't feel comfortable being online, then the personalized lessons might just be what you need. I personally create, film, and send a video lesson made just for you.

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